Body attractors with animated objects Print
Written by Sergey Shlyaev   
Sunday, 29 July 2012 00:01

Body attractors with animated objects




The method described in previous article may work well with animated geometry if some points are met.

Animated objects have to move slow.

If they are moving fast it still works but requires more tweaking and result may not look much like water flow.

To apply this setup to moving objects we need to change some settings in Particle-Liquid op.

Set "Time Scale" to higher value like 2 and "Droplet Threshold" to some big value like 5000.



Make sure you set enough "Detail-Bandwidth" in mesh-volume conversion for your attractor body.

If at some point your liquid starts to fly to origin point (0,0,0) instead of your attractor then you need to increase this value.



Check out this video:


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